About us


The Unipar company is one of the world leaders in production of interior and aromatic candles. The Unipar candles are being produced from pure hydrocarbon by technology of cold pressing. Decoration is mainly hand made on the surface of the candle. It is a cappilar wick being used for candle production. Thanks to the described technology the mass of a candle is being transformed during burning into water fog and CO2 only.

The candle which is breathing like human being

It generally pays that the body of Unipar candle is created from saturated hydrocarbon by the presing technology. Colouring and decorating is carried out with a thin coating of the candle surface only. Our colours have never been burnt - just pure hydrocarbon burns and the painting remains in the rest of the candle.

Unipar candles are unique not only for their high quality, but also modern design to which we always place emphasis. Our production schedule is subject to the latest trends. Unipar mark is getting into general public mind as a creator of the candles with sophisticated and modern design.

Operator: Miroslav Šupler - Unipar, Dolní paseky , 75661  Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Identification number: 42794412, Tax identification number: cz6405281883, PHONE: 571651531
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