Wellness candle

Unipar wellness candle is the perfect combination of two elements, which are an integral part of relaxation - fire and water.

The body of a candle has a hollow on the top. There is a candle-cartridge placed into the hollow and it is immersed in a water bath. Candle-cartridge burns with strong and bright flame. Since the candle-cartridge is being cooled by water, it can be used even in an environment of higher heat and humidity. When the candle-cartridge burns out, it can be easily replaced by a new one. The body of the candle remains untouched and serves you for a long time.

Sufficient amount of water in the hollow will ensure that a wick of a candle-cartridge is always above the edge of a candle body. Thanks to this the body of a candle is protected against heat and melting. Keeping sufficient amount of water in the hollow of the candle body will bring you long lasting joy of relaxation with Unipar candles.


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