Tradition has many forms. It is time to experience its new look!

A traditional collection in metallic colours which is softly decorated by shiny lines around the middle of the candle.


This series brings a soft tint of Christmas time but can also decorate any wedding table.

Aroma Without aroma
Colors 7 colors
Shape 3 shapes
Size 60 mm 60x60x60 mm 60x80 mm 60x130 mm 70x180 mm
Burning time 14 h 25 h 32 h 59 h 78 h
Size Burning time
60 mm 14 h
60x60x60 mm 25 h
60x80 mm 32 h
60x130 mm 59 h
70x180 mm 78 h

Collections of candles Tonnet


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