Show everybody the importance of elegant, pure colours and shapes.

Elegant candles in white colours which bring simplicity of Scandinavian style.

Aroma Without aroma
Colors White
Shape 4 shapes
Size 150x100 mm 150x200 mm 60 mm 70 mm 80 mm 50x60 mm 50x100 mm 50x150 mm 60x100 mm 60x150 mm 60x200 mm 70x100 mm 70x150 mm 70x200 mm 90x100 mm 90x150 mm 90x200 mm 55x160x65 mm 50x50x50 mm 50x50x100 mm 50x50x150 mm 40x40x40 mm 60x60x60 mm
Burning time 65 h 120 h 15 h 22 h 35 h 15 h 23 h 38 h 40 h 62 h 80 h 47 h 73 h 99 h 80 h 110 h 145 h 28 h 15 h 25 h 38 h 10 h 25 h
Size Burning time
150x100 mm 65 h
150x200 mm 120 h
60 mm 15 h
70 mm 22 h
80 mm 35 h
50x60 mm 15 h
50x100 mm 23 h
50x150 mm 38 h
60x100 mm 40 h
60x150 mm 62 h
60x200 mm 80 h
70x100 mm 47 h
70x150 mm 73 h
70x200 mm 99 h
90x100 mm 80 h
90x150 mm 110 h
90x200 mm 145 h
55x160x65 mm 28 h
50x50x50 mm 15 h
50x50x100 mm 25 h
50x50x150 mm 38 h
40x40x40 mm 10 h
60x60x60 mm 25 h

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