About manufacture

Our candles are made with the unique ‘Unipar Technology’ which uses hydrocarbon as a main material which does not contain sulphur or oils. Our candles are not moulded but made by a cold press method resulting in the transformation of the candle’s material during burning into only vapour and carbon dioxide. ‘Unipar Technology’ also ensures that the wick does not drown in the candle and that the candle’s flame stays high and pure without any residual wax running down.

Candle dyeing is always on the surface of a candle by colour pigmentation. The aromatic ingredient is applied into the surface layer and releases naturally in according to the temperature of the room. Unipar candles which are predominantly handmade create a premium quality and original product. We concentrate on the diligent processing of individual product types with a focus on the way they are used. Our manufacturing process follows modern and fashionable trends, which are in harmony with contemporary world design.

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Used technologies

Hydrocarbon compound

Guaranteed pure burn

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Capillary wick

Prevention of wick from drowning and a guaranteed pure, high and clear flame

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Pigmentation on metal base

Dye does not burn during burning

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Pure perfumery

Prevention from irritation to human mucous membranes

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Nano pigmentation

Indelible print

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3D press

Avoids standard moulding

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Videos from the manufacturing process

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