We are a family company which has been producing decorated candles since 1992 in the picturesque countryside of Beskydy, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. We are one of the most prominent manufacturers of interior candles around the world.

All of our products go through the capable hands of our Czech qualified employees who work in a modern and pleasant environment. Our work includes product development, design and secure dispatch to our clients. We have closely followed many innovative technologies to ensure the pure and stable burn of our candles. We use pure materials which are supportive to human health and the environment. Our candles hold the quality brand RAL, certified by the European Association of Candle Manufacturers.

The Unipar brand is widely respected, even internationally, as a creator of candles with modern design. With our candles you can appreciate the sensuality and harmony of technology, human craftsmanship, wit and beauty whether used for dining, relaxation or intimate lighting. They will become part of your home –a messenger of light, warmth, aroma and a centrepiece of your life..


About our manufacturing process

Candles are made using the unique Unipar technology, which uses hydrocarbon as a main material which does not contains sulphur or oils.

Candles are not moulded but made by a cold press resulting in the change of a candle’s material during burning into only vapour and carbon dioxide.

Unipar Technology also ensures that the wick does not drown in the candle and that the candle’s flame stays high and pure without any wax running down.

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