Our story began in 1992 when our candle factory was established. Our direction and aim were to produce unique, high-quality and handmade candles with a Czech origin.

During 25 plus years in market we have produced over 15 million decorated, individually orientated candles for you and our partners. We have learnt to work with many different types of technology which make our candles unique around the world. We immediately realised that the only value is the quality and care of each candle.

Here we introduce our important milestones with the help of a timeline. You will see that since establishing our company we have not been idol and thanks also to you we have made a long journey during which we have made many positive twists. Thank you for being here with us!



This is where it all started….

The establishment of the company and initiating manufacture direction


Exports to the USA

We started exporting to the USA. We provide our candles especially into eminent American department stores. Exports to the USA opened up cooperation with big companies and international clients.


Capillary wick development

We developed a new capillary technology.


Pure perfume

We evolved a system of the application of perfume by ultrasound into the candle surface.


Expansion of exports to the USA

We provide candles especially to shops like My Company, Godinger etc.


Export of candles to Germany

We started providing candles to the German market, in Kaufland and more.


Nano pigment development

We evolved a new colouring system via nano pigmentation, which gave us new options in the manufacturing process.


Exports to Scandinavia

In the Scandinavian market we operate under the brand names Candida and Nordlys. We provide candles to wholesale firms Efsen White, Marihøna and LZ design.


Production facility reconstruction

We began the expansion of manufacturing and built instore premises.


Completion of reconstruction, opening a new shop

Manufacturing is in a newly refurbished premises including a shop - Unipar.


Expansion of our candle portfolio

Transition to a new portfolio, especially to small customers. This growth emerged from a new concept of decorating and processing individual types of candles with the way they are used.


Exports to the UAE

We supplied our first goods to the UAE. A new marked opened for us.


Purchase of new machinery

We started using a new machine for recycling and manufacturing hydrocarbons and implemented a new technology using a hydrocarbon compound.


Exports to Spain

We expanded our business agency, here we operate under the business name UNIPAR Iberia. We began concentrating on individual wedding lighting.


New shop Unipar

We opened a new shop Unipar in the USA – Sheridan (Texas).


Expansion of the manufacture of advertising candles

We started with individual manufacturing of advertising and wedding candles with the use of new technology.


Purchase of decorating stations

We installed a new station for handmade decorating, which increases the handmade decorating productivity.


New shop Unipar

We opened a new shop Unipar in Český Krumlov.


Candles with crystals PRECIOSA

We created a new candle collection for the Arabic market which is closely linked to the Czech glass and crystal tradition.


Internet shop development

We started providing candles to e-shops, Notino and Amazon.


Massage candles

We developed a new product – massage candles – which serve the purpose of enhancing the whole-body experience during a massage.


The supply of candles to 29 countries in the world

…and bringing the benefit of well-being with our products.

About our manufacturing process

Candles are made using the unique Unipar technology, which uses hydrocarbon as a main material which does not contains sulphur or oils.

Candles are not moulded but made by a cold press resulting in the change of a candle’s material during burning into only vapour and carbon dioxide.

Unipar Technology also ensures that the wick does not drown in the candle and that the candle’s flame stays high and pure without any wax running down.

More manufacturing information


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