Discovery a new, pleasant and aromatic world of massage.

Massage carried out by a massage candle is unique, relaxing experience which invigorates the senses and gives skin a beautiful soft feeling.


This candle is a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter enhanced by vitamin E. The aromatic composition is released during massage and produces a strong but relaxing effect.


Light the candle for a maximum of 10 minutes and then extinguish. During this time part of the compound changes into a pleasant, warm oil which is poured onto the body and gently massaged in. The oil maintains a nice temperature during the massage.

Aroma 4 aromas
Colors White
Shape 2 shapes
Size 85 ml 23 ml
Burning time 0 h 0 h
Size Burning time
85 ml 0 h
23 ml 0 h

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