Collection Single Aromatic

Close your eyes and follow the scent.

The Aromatic candle collection in three sizes and lots of different aromas is inspired by nature and French perfumes.


The candles give off an aroma even when not aflame because the fragrance is imbedded in the surface. It is a soft smell which does not cause headaches.

Aroma 17 aromas
Colors 13 colors
Shape 2 shapes
Size 40x40x40 mm 60x60x60 mm 90x90x90 mm 50x70 mm
Burning time 9 h 25 h 55 h 17 h
Size Burning time
40x40x40 mm 9 h
60x60x60 mm 25 h
90x90x90 mm 55 h
50x70 mm 17 h

Collections of candles Single Aromatic


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